Penguinistas hack Android onto real hardware

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| Several actual hardware devices have been hacked to run Google's Java-based
| Android software stack, according to blogs and forum posts around the
| Internet. Although Google's preview release last fall included a software
| emulator based on Qemu, real hardware may provide a better target for
| application development.

Maybe there will be a generation when old devices are reborn with Linux in the
same way that old PCs have lightweight Linuxes installed on them. Palm
Tungstens? Old iPAQs?


Android OS running on Sharp Zaurus PDA

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| Eschewing Android on a software emulator, the team at eu.edge instead turned
| their attentions to another venerable Linux-based mobile device: Sharp’s
| Zaurus SL-C760. *Only officially sold in Japan, the C760 has a 640 x 480 VGA
| screen and uses a 400MHz Intel XScale processor together with flash storage. *
| By rebuilding the Android directory tree on a host PC to match that of the
| emulator, then mount that as an NFS share on the Zaurus, they were able to
| get the Google Phone platform to boot. * * *

HTC to make first Android handset

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| Taiwanese mobile-handset manufacturer HTC announced Tuesday that it will
| release its first Android-powered device into the European market in the
| second half of 2008. *

Google Android dev kit exposes Apple-inspired roots

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| The release to developers of Google's Linux-based Android operating system
| for mobile phones reveals that the prototype software shares at least a few
| aspects in common with interfaces from the company's Bay Area neighbor,
| Apple. *