DesktopBSD 1.6 Release Notes

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| This document contains notes regarding DesktopBSD 1.6, such as information
| about changes made since previous releases, a list of included software and
| currently known problems. Please consult this document before reporting bugs.

Parallels Server virtualises Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

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| SWsoft claims its Parallels Server virtualisation product, now in private
| beta, is the first of its kind to run on Apple hardware and to run multiple
| copies of Mac OS X Server.


A quick overview of Desktop BSD 1.3

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| I'd give DesktopBSD a gracious 8/10 with two points being deducted for
| work that still needs to be done. *It's very usable now, but could
| still serve to grow just a little bit. *So if you want to start using
| it now, feel free to. *It's ready to go, and the best part is, it
| only stands to get better as time goes on!

NetBSD: An Alternative to Linux

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| When many people think of free operating systems, or Unix like
| operating systems. The first thing that comes to many people minds
| is Linux. It's not the only free operating system, though it gets a
| lot of press. Open Source is about having a choice, not a
| dominating operating systems war.

Comparing GNU/Linux and FreeBSD

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| FreeBSD and GNU/Linux are two great options: choosing one or the
| other depends on many factors. Usually FreeBSD is used as a web
| server: companies like Yahoo! or Sony Japan trust FreeBSD to run
| their internet portals; on the desktop GNU/Linux wins this battle,
| but GNU/Linux is used on many web servers as well. Users will find
| if they are familiar with traditional UNIX systems they can use
| either without many problems. FreeBSD and Linux: a gift of
| quality, robustness, security and stability from the free
| software community to the world of operating systems.

FreeSBIE -- first (and mostly negative) impressions

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| At this point, I've run about 15 or so live Linux CDs with varying
| degrees of success. And yes, I have manually configured a static
| networking connection before -- Fluxbuntu's "command line interface
| is EVERYTHING" philosophy sent me to the Web for instructions on
| how to do so.

Review: PC-BSD 1.3

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| PC-BSD's hardware support is good, but not quite on par with that of
| some Linux distributions. Part of this may be that BSD lacks some
| of the drivers available for Linux, and part of it seems to be
| related to the configuration utilities for PC-BSD. For example,
| PC-BSD seems to see my wireless card, but doesn't provide any
| tools (at least that I could find) to manage the card, supply a
| WEP password, or otherwise change the card's configuration.
| [...]
| On my Ubuntu desktop, I can plug in a USB soundcard and configure
| it to handle certain tasks (such as running Skype) and use my
| system soundcard for other tasks. I didn't see any way to manage
| multiple soundcards through the tools provided by PC-BSD.
| In short, PC-BSD is a bit behind Linux in hardware support. For
| standard desktops, its hardware support is probably sufficient.
| For some laptops or more complex hardware scenarios (such as
| multiple soundcards) it may require some advanced configuration.

PC-BSD 1.3: Day 1

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| I hate to lose all my credibility in my first post, but FreeBSD makes
| a great console OS, since I have never gotten Xfree to configure
| properly on any desktop or laptop I have owned. I would spend a
| few hours researching the problem, then think "Linux is easier"
| and wipe the drive.
| That said, the allure of BSD remains: fast, modern, capable of
| running on just about anything from toasters to mainframes, and
| less fragmented than Linux. What's not to love?
| Projects like DesktopBSD and PC-BSD are perfect for the likes of
| me: someone that wants to get a BSD desktop running, but doesn't
| want to spend alot of time doing it.

GNU/Solaris - the Free OS of the Future?

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| We'll have to wait and see what happens, but this looks a positive
| step in the direction of Freedom by Sun.