Aruba to buy 'Switzerland of network management'

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| Wireless-networking company Aruba Networks announced on Wednesday that it
| will buy multi-vendor network management company AirWave Wireless.

They do Linux. Microsoft is among their clients, who buy Linux equipment.


Aruba and HP swim the OpenSEA

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| Buried under the end-of-year industry buzz last week was a fairly significant
| announcement. Wi-Fi leader Aruba Networks and the HP ProCurve division joined
| the OpenSEA Alliance, a group dedicated to the development and adoption of a
| robust and reliable open-source 802.1X supplicant for secure access to
| network and other computing resources. * *

It's unofficial: Microsoft bets business on Linux

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| What the press statement didn't mention is that Aruba mobility
| controllers run the Linux operating system which Microsoft has
| aggressively targeted as being inferior to Windows as part of
| its "Get the Facts" marketing campaign.
| [...]
| Pandey's appraisal of Aruba's technology is in stark contrast to
| Microsoft's "Get the Facts" rhetoric which places Windows as a more secure,
| and higher-performing choice over Linux.