The choice of Linux

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| Linux can be about choice. You can choose to use Linux instead of something
| else. You can choose which Linux distribution to use, and in some cases, you
| can even choose which flavor of that distribution. These are all choices a
| user can and should make. Lets not interpret choice as an excuse to present
| 400 knobs to a user and expect them to know what to do with them, and then
| accuse them of doing things wrong when it inevitably breaks. If this excludes
| some users because the choices the head chefs make don’t suit them, that’s
| fine. There are other Linux choices for them. The important thing is that we
| give the users who choose us the best experience possible.

9 Characteristics of Free Software Users

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| Operating systems come with cultures as much as codebases. I was forcibly
| reminded of this fact over the holidays when several family members and
| neighbors press-ganged me into troubleshooting their Windows computers.
| Although none of us had any formal computer training, and I know almost
| nothing about Windows, I was able to solve problems that baffled the
| others -- not because of any technical brilliance, but because the free
| software culture in which I spend my days made me better able to cope.


After Ubuntu, Windows Looks Increasingly Bad, Increasingly Archaic,
Increasingly Unfriendly

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| There are many night-and-day differences between Windows and
| Ubuntu and, for a guy that does 80% standard office tasks and the
| rest of the time I'm doing Linux admin tasks, it was nearly all
| in favor of Ubuntu after the first few weeks of the transition.
| Overall, my productivity and the scope of things I can do with
| Ubuntu far exceed what I could do with Windows and just as
| importantly Ubuntu (like any Linux would) lets me easily create
| my own productivity shortcuts of a variety of sorts.