Low-cost Linux-based design network-enables stereo compone

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| Now, BridgeCo has decided to switch to Linux. It calls its
| third-generation "JukeBlox" design the "first Linux SDK" in the market for
| DMP reference designs.
| The decision to "go Linux" has apparently been well-received, with well-known
| consumer audiophile equipment manufacturers Harmon Kardon and Klipsch both
| pledging to use the new BridgeCo chip and Linux-based software stack in
| forthcoming products.


Recent press releases:

BridgeCo’s JukeBlox Networked Audio Technology Will Power New Klipsch Designs

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| Revealed at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, JukeBlox is a complete
| networked audio technology platform that incorporates BridgeCo’s latest
| triple-core processor, Linux-based SDK, ready-to-manufacture hardware
| reference platform and a significantly enhanced feature set that enables
| consumers to intuitively access an unequaled range of digital music and
| Internet radio content to discover music that they truly love.


BridgeCo Unveils Third-Generation Networked Audio Platform at CES

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| JukeBlox Combines New Triple-Core Processor, Linux-based Middleware, SDK and
| Reference Board Design