Linux keeps Alexa's engineers happy

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| When Alexa first launched it ran on a "hodgepodge" of systems, like many
| startups at that time, Whitt says. "It was all about opportunism. But we
| started hiring more engineers that had previous experience with Linux, and we
| felt pretty strongly that there was a lot of effort going toward Linux."
| Whitt says Alexa started with Slackware, tried FreeBSD for a while, then went
| to Red Hat and eventually Fedora Core and CentOS once Red Hat went
| commercial.
| The engineering and development team found that with Linux platforms, it was
| easier to get patches and updates quickly. "We do a lot of things that are
| pretty cutting-edge," says Alexa engineer Ron Shalhoup. "With Linux there's a
| pool of resources and people working on updates, as opposed to a commercial
| operating system."

More and more companies (even the NYSE) start to openly speak about their quiet
use of Linux.


PayPal Says Linux Grid Can Replace Mainframes

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| PayPal is currently processing $1,571 worth of transactions per second in 17
| different currencies on about 4,000 servers running Red Hat Linux. *

Linux and open source software pay off for PayPal

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| The distributed model also lets the company make massive shifts and resource
| allocation when needed. The generic Linux Lego-block-style servers that make
| up the company's Web tier can be easily shifted around for a variety of
| tasks. *

Linux, open source software pay off for PayPal

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| PayPal runs thousands of Linux-based, single-rack-unit servers,
| which host the company's Web-presentation layer, middleware and
| user interface. Thompson says he quickly saw the economic,
| operational and development advantages of open source and
| Linux technology. He now sees no other way to do it.

ebay and paypal dump microsoft?

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| "...definitely looks like a phasing out of windoze and a phasing
| in of apache, to me."

Mozilla in tie-up with eBay

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| The software group has come to an agreement with eBay which it
| hopes will take market share from Microsoft

Mozilla Partners with eBay, Creates Auction Browser

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| The Companion adds a sidebar display to Firefox that offers eBay-specific
| search, bidding tools, status alerts, an auction monitor that can be used by
| both sellers and buyers, and a page view counter that tallies visits to an
| auction. *

eBay accuses Microsoft and Yahoo of cybersecurity failure

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| Banks, online merchants and technology vendors must work together
| to prevent security problems such as phishing attacks and data
| breaches, eBay President and CEO Meg Whitman said yesterday.