The Linux Foundation Launches New Podcast Series With Linus Torvalds

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| The Linux Foundation (LF), the nonprofit organization dedicated to
| accelerating the growth of Linux, today launched Open Voices, a podcast
| series featuring interviews with the industry's top Linux and open source
| leaders.

Open Voices – Linus Torvalds

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| That could be a problem, since not everyone has time to listen to an entire
| podcast; happily, Linux Foundation has done the sensible thing and put up a
| full transcript of Linus's words, allowing you to skim through for nuggets
| like this...


Linux Foundation Partners with Chinese OSS Promotion Union to Host Linux Linux
Developer Symposium in Beijing

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| COPU now has over 300 members, covering nearly all the domestic enterprises
| and public institution units in the field of open source, including all the
| Linux distributions including Red Flag, Co-Create, China Standard Soft,
| TurboLinux, and Sun Wah, universities (over 200), and institutes for
| scientific research, standard, law and industry. COPU also has over 20
| multinational companies as its members who have their representative offices
| or branches in China including IBM, Intel, HP, Sun, Oracle, SAP, NEC, CA,
| BEA, Hitachi, Sybase, France Telecom, MontaVista, and Google. * * *

The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin: Linux Adoption's Next Phase

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| "In 2008 we will see the Linux ecosystem applying a federation into one
| platform," said Jim Zemlin, director of The Linux Foundation. "A lot of Linux
| distros will compete in the marketplace. The particular flavor of Linux will
| matter in that different distros will cater to specific environments such as
| the Mobile Internet. All of these will center on the Linux Standard Base."