KDE 4.0.0 - KWin Composite Showcast




Caution - 180 Degree Turnaround Ahead

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| When I first booted into Ultimate Ubuntu, I was literally speechless. Some in
| the audience believe that to be a physical impossibility, but yes, for a
| short period of time, all I could do was stare at my screen and try to make
| sense out of what I was seeing. It was a textbook case of gridlocked
| cognitive dissonance. I'll say it again...the things that came immediately to
| mind.
| Dark, Dominant, Dangerous.
| I can imagine someone who has never seen a Linux Live CD booting this for the
| first time. I'm willing to bet that the things that person thinks at that
| moment are right along those lines. There is a raw, visual power in this
| desktop...an almost palpable bass resonance that vibrates around it as you
| try to come to grips with what you are seeing. There may be some New Linux
| Users that come to one immediate conclusion:
| I can hurt someone with this.



KDE4 Desktop Effects (KWin Composite) Video Tour

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| I’ve now updated to the latest openSUSE KDE4 Packages and got another video
| (first one being: KDE 4.0 RC1+ Video Tour) to add, and it’s one all about the *
| new KDE 4.0 KWin composite; that is, the new desktop effects that will be
| available with KDE 4.0. *


KDE Project Day at FOSS.IN/2007

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| KDE will be participating at FOSS.IN/2007, India's premier FOSS event in
| Bangalore. KDE Project Day is this Wednesday 5th December. *


Playing around with KWin 4 *

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| The first one is of the PresentWindows effect and the second one is of the
| DesktopGrid effect


Report: KDE at The Italian Linux Day 2007 in Rome

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| On October 27th, KDE Italia attended the Italian Linux Day 2007 in Rome at
| the Tor Vergata University. Other cities had their Linux Day throughout Italy
| at the same time. For the people that have never attended to these kind of
| events, it is important to remember that the Italian Linux Day is a day
| dedicated to spreading Free and Open Source Software and specially the
| GNU/Linux Operating System and its software components such as KDE. * *


KWin improvements

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| Speaking of KWin crashes, we're planning to make KWin restart itself in such
| cases (just like Plasma or KRunner) and eventually turn off compositing so
| that you'd always have a usable window manager, even when compositing has
| some problems. *


KDE4 is very attractive for software service companies

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| The next version of KDE4 will run natively on Mac OS X and Windows XP and
| Vista. This means that it is a very attractive platform for software
| development. No other cross-platform toolkit looks as good as Qt and has an *
| equally appealing API. *