High-def STB decoder chip runs Linux

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| A semiconductor firm announced a satellite-friendly, high-definition (HD)
| set-top box (STB) decoder chip that runs Linux. STMicroelectronics's STi7111
| SoC (system-on-chip) is said to combine a decoder, network interface, and an
| integrated demodulator, enabling it to handle satellite transmissions as well
| as IP network input.


QNAP Debuts VioStor - World's First Innovative Linux-Embedded NVR Surveillance

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| The leading Internet Appliance provider QNAP Systems, Inc. today announced
| the one-bay VioStor-101 and 2-bay VioStor-201 Network Video Recorder (NVR)
| for SMB and SOHO users.


Embedded database supports Google's Android

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| An embedded, object-oriented database management system (OODBMS) has been
| deemed compatible with the Android mobile device platform. McObject says its
| open source "Perst" OODBMS for Java objects was verified compliant by the
| Open Handset Alliance (OHA), the industry group overseeing the Linux-based
| phone-stack.



Where does Linux go from here?

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| Though both may prosper, the bazaar will outlive the boardrooms,
| and Linux popularity will continue to grow on servers, desktops, appliances,
| and embedded devices. * *