Apple, Linux Set to Get Cozy

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| Now Parallels is setting its sights on the server. Sources close to the
| company say Parallels Server for Mac, Windows and Linux will initially target
| departmental systems. That could be particularly good news for universities,
| which often run open source software on their Mac servers.


Linux on the Mac

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| Before you install Ubuntu, make sure your hardware is ready. I think that 2GB
| of RAM is a minimum; you're also going to want at least 8GB of free space on
| your hard drive. Â*

SWsoft and Parallels Prep Virtualization for Different Markets

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| Unlike traditional hypervisor technology used by VMware, which divides a
| server into several virtual machines on which users can run different
| applications, Virtuozzo partitions the operating system—either Linux or
| Microsoft Windows—into virtual environments or containers. Â*
| [...]
| Parallels Server offers support for 64-bit operating systems, including
| Windows, Mac OS X and a number of Linux operating systems. (The product can
| also support some versions of Sun's Solaris OS as a virtual guest.) Â*

Parallels Desktop for Mac: getting better a little at a time

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| Yesterday, Parallels released an Update RC2 for Parallels Desktop for
| Mac. Â*For the first time, the application is behaving nicely on my Mac.
| I have my full 3GB of RAM back, the application is running smoothly,
| and Windows XP and Ubuntu feel native on my machine. Vista? Slower,
| but improved over the previous builds of Mac Pro.

Parallels Releases Workstation 2.2 for Windows and Linux

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| Parallels says that its Parallels Workstation 2.2 product
| enables users to simultaneously run any version of Windows,
| including Beta and RC builds of Windows Vista, any Linux
| distribution, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OS/2,
| eComStation or DOS, in a stable, secure virtual machine on any
| computer running Windows Â*2000, XP or 2003, or any version
| of Linux. No re-booting or partitioning is required, and users
| never need to shut down or leave their home desktop to access a
| virtual machine.

Ubuntu 6.10 - VMware Fusion - Mac Intel - First Screenshots

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| I managed to get my hands on a private beta of the brand spanking new
| VMware for Intel Macs earlier today, the following is the first (so I
| am aware) screenshot tour of the boot / install process for Ubuntu
| 6.10, inside VMware Fusion on a MacBook Pro (Core Duo, 2GHz 1024MB
| RAM).

Two leading virtualization companies are one

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| In a memo to their employees, the CEOs of two leading
| virtualization companies recently revealed that their
| companies have merged. Specifically, Serguei Beloussov,
| of SWsoft Inc. and Nick Dobrovolskiy of Parallels Inc.
| acknowledged that SWsoft now owns Parallels.

Parallels Desktop for Mac

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| If you are planning to purchase Parallels for Windows on your Mac, you
| should take advantage of the opportunity to download and try the free
| open-source Edgy Eft from Ubuntu. I would venture to guess that after
| you use Ubuntu a few times, you may just want to wipe out that Windows
| partition on your home PC and install Ubuntu.

LGPL Issue Parallels Solved

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| The issue between WINE and Parallels has been solved.

Near-Native Virtualization Solutions for Linux -- VMware vs. Parallels

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| The miracle of near-native virtualization technologies has saved
| professionals countless hours of OS thrashing. Excluding 3D graphics, systems
| administrators can accomplish nearly any task requiring a multitude of
| platforms within the comfort of the Linux workstation. Â*