The wee Eee

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| The other is the Eee's efficient, secure software. Windows Vista's bulk would
| swamp the Eee's limited storage, so Asus chose the free, open-source Linux
| operating system.
| The result is a nifty but sometimes tricky Internet machine usable for basic
| writing, spreadsheet and presentation work — and which can't get sick from
| Windows viruses or spyware. If you stick to those activities, you can be
| happy with the Eee.

OpenMoko FreeRunner: a win for phone freedom

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| OpenMoko has revealed additional details about the upcoming second generation
| of the company's open-source smartphone. OpenMoko, which spun off of FIC last
| year, aims to create a unique, Linux-based mobile phone that can easily be
| modified, improved, and repurposed by individual users.