Software that gets in the way

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| Do utilities which provide a graphical user interfaces really help us? Or are
| they merely another layer between people and their own competence? At times,
| I really wonder.


Analyst slams Vista's 'backward' UI

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| Windows Vista is a step back in usability, researcher claims

Learning to Live with UAC

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| Like most veteran Windows users, I balked when I first encountered the User
| Account Control (UAC) mechanism in the latter BETAs of Vista. The constant
| interruption of nearly every system or maintenance related task was
| unbearable. Finally, after one particularly frustrating bout of "move the
| file/yes I really want to move the file/please let me move the file/sorry, do
| dice buddy," I did what many early Vista users did: I turned UAC off. * *
| Hint: For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, the option to disable
| UAC is buried under the User Accounts sub-section of the Control Panel.
| Ah, the bliss of no UAC! I could now do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted!
| It was just like Windows XP, but with a cooler UI!

Vista's UAC needs an overhaul. Ideas?

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| It seems like everyone, other than possibly Microsoft's Vista team
| itself, seems to believe that the User Account Control (UAC) in
| Vista already needs an overhaul.

Windows Vista: Secure Or Just Frustrating?

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| The problem with Vista’s security implementation is that lots of warning
| dialog boxes don't provide security. Users get frustrated and eventually stop
| reading them altogether. They think of them as annoyances, an extra click
| required to get a feature to work. Is Windows Vista really more secure than
| the operating systems that preceded it, or simply more frustrating? Since
| Microsoft left us with no choice but to buy a PC with Vista pre-installed,
| we’re inevitably stuck with it. Let the frustration begin. * * *

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| "Oh, excuse me, is this supposed be a joke? We all remember all those
| Microsoft's statements about how serious Microsoft is about security in
| Vista and how all those new cool security features like UAC or Protected
| Mode IE will improve the world's security. And now we hear what?


Vista's Faux Security

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| At the end of the new Apple ad, the security guard finally asks the
| hapless PC: "You are coming to a sad realization. Cancel or allow?"
| Unfortunately, after conditioning the world to click "allow," all
| Microsoft will have accomplished is to pass the buck to the hapless
| PC user, trying to make the user responsible for anything bad that
| happens because they ultimately chose to allow it.
| While that may allow Microsoft?s security engineers to sleep at night,
| the rest of us won't rest as easy until Vista's holes are plugged
| with something more substantial than a dialog box.

Windows Vista set to overwhelm helpdesks

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| The Windows Vista features that will most benefit end users are
| likely to cause a flood of calls to enterprise IT help desks, it
| was claimed today.
| SupportSoft predicted that one of the main areas in which
| end-users are likely to experience problems will be dealing
| with Vista's security features.

Windows Forces you to use UAC to Add a Printer

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| Another bug that got past the extensive RTM testing process? Nope.
| It's a bug that came into existence during the finalization process.
| This bug wasn't there in RC2, but it's most definitely there now. All
| we can say is, hopefully this gets patched before SP6.

Vista: Slow and Dangerous

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| Most of the time I spent testing Vista was with sluggish pre-release
| versions. I expected things to improve when I ran the finished software
| on PCs configured for the new Windows version. I now realize that
| Vista really is slow unless you throw a lot of hardware at it.
| Microsoft claims it will run with 512 megabytes of memory. I had
| recommended a minimum of a gigabyte, but 2 GB is more like it if
| you want snappy performance.
| [...]
| The most exasperating thing about Vista, though, is the security
| feature called User Account Control. UAC, satirized in an Apple
| ad as a security guy who constantly interrupts a conversation,
| appears as a pop-up asking permission before Windows...

Windows Vista Tip: Run as administrator

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| This will make every admin operation prompt you for credentials
| while it is great if you do a lot of remote operations it can
| become tedious if you are performing a lot of local admin operations.

Microsoft: Turn off Vista's UAC to fix problems

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| I've been fairly critical of the new User Access Control (UAC) in
| Windows Vista, as I feel it is too secure to be usable, which will
| probably result in many users and corporations turning off and
| losing out on what could have been Vista's best feature.
| [...]
| He recommends turning UAC back on after fixing the problem, but
| when users need to do this more than a couple of times to get a
| usable system, they will just leave it turned off.