Pyrolinux 1.0 Gives Off Little Heat

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| I used to have the same perception of Linux Mint but they've since taken the
| initiative and added their own innovative tools like MintUpdate, MintUpload,
| MintAssistant, and the excellent Software Portal. I really hope that
| Pyrolinux is just finding its feet and trying to establish a solid base
| before doing something more interesting. If this is not the case do we really
| need another Linux Mint? I'm not so sure.
| On this evidence, my advice to any Linux newcomers who want an enhanced
| version of Ubuntu would be to download yourself a copy of Linux Mint 4.0 and
| leave Pyrolinux till it's a bit more developed. You can install AWN in either
| Ubuntu or Mint in a couple of minutes if you want to mirror Pyro's current
| functionality.

PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniME