Roy Schestowitz espoused:
> PS3 Holiday Sales Total 1.2 Million
> ,----[ Quote ]
>| Sony Corp. said Monday that PlayStation 3 game machine sales totaled 1.2
>| million in North America during the key holiday season, boosting the strength
>| of the company's Blu-ray video format because the PlayStation 3 also works as
>| a Blu-ray player.
> `----
> Toshiba, backed by Microsoft, hasn't given up yet, but it's looking bad despite
> Microsoft's apparent briberies and self-fuelled format wars.

Does anyone else find this use of the word "holiday" more than a little
bizarre and confusing? Christmas is christmas, and we do have summer
holidays and we have christmas holidays, so if you shorten it to
"holiday" then you're referring to the summer holiday, anything else has
to be given its name, so that christmas is the short form for christmas

I presume that this is political correctness borne of guilt regarding
the completely unjustifiable invasion of Iraq, but I might be wrong.

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