LimePC, iPod nano sized Linux UMPC to be the hottest Product at CES 2008?

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| The LimePC UMPC is running LimeOS, which is based on, you guess it, Linux.
| LimeOS is based on Debian Linux and full screen HTML based user interface and
| Web 2.0 applications

And another new distro release:

01/07 Damn Small 4.2.3


Announcing XFCE on the IT

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| Another b-e-a-utiful compiliation from Penguinbait. XFCE is now available for
| the Internet Tablet (Yes, the N770 and N800!). *

KDE on the IT

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| KDE and all it's supporting programs have been compiled for the Internet
| Tablet, and it works b-e-a-utifully. I've installed this sucker on my N770
| and it purrs like a kitten, believe it or not *

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet [with Maemo]

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| As a media player it plays MP3's and other audio formats through surprisingly
| good sounding speakers for their size, or headphones. It plays MP4 and
| RealVideo videos, and youtube. *