An Interface of One’s Own

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| Microsoft Word. Light of my mind, fire of my frustration. My sin, my soul.
| Mi-cro-soft-word. The mouth contorts with anti-poetry. My. Crow. Soft. Word.
| [...]
| After lo this lifetime of servitude, I intend to break free. I seek a writing
| program that understands me. Goodbye to Word’s prim rulers, its officious
| yardsticks, its self-serious formatting toolbar with cryptic abbreviations
| (ComicSansMS?) and trinkety icons. Goodbye to glitches, bipolar paragraph
| breaks and 400 options for making overly colorful charts.

TeX? KISS? Uncluttered and under-encumbered UI like Google Apps? Or tailoring
one's own UI, which is impossible with closed-source software?

"Even for the next ten years, [DOS] will have a significant role to play."

--Bill Gates, Timeline of Microcomputers (1990-1992)

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,----[ Excerpt ]
| Marc Benioff argues that Apex will let customers diverge further
| from one-size-fits-all hosted applications approach.

Google manager: Google Apps replaced Microsoft Office at 100,000 businesses

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| Google's newly released online productivity suite Google Apps has
| already replaced Microsoft Office at more than 100,000 small to
| medium enterprises and has been deployed at two of the largest
| companies in the world, according to the search leader's
| enterprise product boss.

Dumping Office for Google Apps

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| Google has a friend in Disney, and that could leave Microsoft screaming
| like a jilted lover.