Firefox 3 Beta 2 First Impressions

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| So, we've looked at all the new features individually but the key question is
| whether the whole thing is worth upgrading to and on that note I can
| categorically say yes, it is.


Firefox 3: rocking on Linux

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| A few people have been noticing how good our support on Linux has gotten
| during the Firefox 3 development cycle and I thought I would post to try and
| point out some of the good stuff that we have coming down the pipe. Â*

Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 Is A Win For Linux

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| Mozilla has released the latest beta of Firefox 3 today, and the Linux
| efforts behind it are starting to show even more. This release, being a beta,
| is surprisingly stable. Here’s the killer that makes this beta release
| amazing: true GTK support. Â*

Personas from Mozilla Labs give Firefox a sleek coat

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| I probably won't use Personas much myself since I greatly prefer the
| unadulterated GTK look in Firefox 3, but the addon is very intriguing from a
| technical standpoint. The way that Personas takes Firefox's Internet
| capabilities and leverages theme to bring dynamic content to the Firefox Â*
| chrome layer is very creative and it reflects a lot of possibilities that I
| had never previously considered. Â* Â*

Update on the Firefox 3 Linux Theme

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| Work on the new linux theme for Firefox 3 is progressing nicely due to a very
| active group of contributers. To match the operating system’s theme,
| Firefox’s navigation toolbar will use native GTK icons. Â*

“Beautiful” tab switching for Firefox 3

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| Performance-wise, CPU usage spiked from 2-3% to 45-50% during high speed tab
| switching (that is, I kept Ctrl + Tab pressed for a while), but immediately
| went back to previous cool 2-3% usage. Â*
| Firefox 3 Beta 1 is expected within the next couple of weeks.