MintKDE4.0Ultumix0.0.1.2 Released!

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| Ultumix was released last night via the torrent server. It's just the
| standard edition but the Ultimate Edition is soon to follow. Go to
| to download it. You only need to enter
| owner for both the full name and user name during install and it will work
| just fine after a reboot. Ignore the rest of the instructions on coping the
| home folder. It's also set to auto login.

That's the power of choice, collaboration and mixing. Mint 'enhances' Ubuntu
with popular proprietary software and this one takes it further.


Review of Linux Mint Bianca KDE Edition - Ubuntu derivative
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| With all the hype surrounding Ubuntu at the moment I think it's
| important not to overlook the other recent releases. One of these
| is Linux Mint Bianca: KDE Edition.

"Bianca KDE Edition" [Released]

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| The default selection of packages is large and very up to date:
| * KDE 3.5.6
| * Amarok 1.4.5
| * Koffice 1.6.2
| * Firefox

Linux Mint issues second KDE version test

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| The Linux Mint team this week made available the second release candidate
| of its Ubuntu-based Linux Mint 2.2, KDE edition. The release carries
| a 2.6.17 kernel (same as the most recent GNOME desktop version, which
| came out a week ago) along with several important improvements,
| according to the project.

Review: Linux Mint 2.2 Beta 020 "Bianca KDE Edition"

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| While it is always nice to have another Linux distribution, because
| choice is good, I didn't see any compelling reason to use Linux Mint
| over the Ubuntu which it is based off of. The look is slightly
| different, with some different configuration options here and there.
| I can't really say it offers anything special over Ubuntu, but you never
| know, there are no doubt future improvements that the Linux Mint team
| will make. Hopefully they fix the video driver issue so I can try it
| out on my desktop.

Linux Mint "Bianca" KDE Edition Beta 020: A Small Review

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| Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based distro whose goal in life, per its
| website, "is to produce an elegant, up to date and comfortable
| GNU/Linux desktop distribution." The developers have released
| both GNOME-based and KDE-based versions in the past, and their
| latest version, v2.2 "Bianca," is already final in its GNOME
| incarnation. They just released a beta version of "Bianca KDE
| Edition" using KDE v3.5.6. The final version is to be released
| later this month.

"Bianca KDE Edition" - BETA 020

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| This is the first release candidate for the KDE Edition of Bianca.
| The Stable release is planned for the 20/04/2007.