Thailand shuts down political Web site

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| Thai authorities have shut down a political Web site that spoke out against
| the monarchy, the site's operator said Sunday, in another move to punish
| critics of Thailand's most revered institution.

China cracks down on 'vulgar' video

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| China is launching a nationwide crackdown on sexually suggestive video and
| audio products, in the latest effort by government censors to curb content
| considered to be in bad taste.

NGO demands details of Saudi blogger's arrest

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| A Saudi human rights group on Saturday demanded the interior ministry explain
| why an Internet blogger who called for political reforms has been imprisoned.

The 'West' is going down the same route with new equipment that defends against
so-called 'terrorists' and 'child pr0n'. More political censorship is coming
to Australia, for starters.

Free as in "Free to remain silence".


AT&T admits it censored other bands

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| It looks like Pearl Jam isn't the only band that has had its politically
| charged comments bleeped from concerts streamed from AT&T's Blue Room Web
| site. *
| [...]
| AT&T quickly apologized for the incident and blamed the company that handles
| the Webcasting for performances on Blue Room.

Animal Rights Activists Forced to Hand Over Encryption Keys

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| If you remember, this was sold to the public as essential for fighting
| terrorism. It's already being misused.

Aussie Net Filtering Plans Challenged

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| However, the filtering plan appears to involve blacklisting millions of
| websites. A web browser hitting a blacklisted site should immediately hit a
| message saying the site is unavailable, as is common in nations that practice
| censorship. *

Saudi Blogger Still In Government Detention

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| Fouad al-Farhan's criticism of the Saudi government earned him an
| investigation by authorities, followed by his detention for questioning.