CES 2008: Wistron NeWeb Corp. GW4 Linux Phone is Amazing and will have Android

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| Alright, I’ll admit, I’ve never heard of this company, they also go by WNC,
| and they had a Linux phone that I was really impressed with. First, it has
| Linux, version 2.6, which means its open, then it has WiFi, a touch-screen,
| Bluetooth, a 2MP camera (which is the only mediocre thing about this phone),
| and so much more.


Here we go. Another Linux phones avalanche. Reviews and demos below.


Funambol CEO Fabrizio Capobianco: Linux Is Mobile's Future

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| LinuxInsider met with Capobianco to discuss his view on the role of open
| source in creating Mobile 2.0 as a voice and data carrier parallel to the
| Internet. The meeting occurred in the wake of Google's announcement earlier
| this month that it was negotiating with wireless carriers, handset makers,
| software developers and hardware providers to use an open source mobile
| platform, Android. * *


Google releases Android SDK

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| Google has released an SDK (software development kit) that programmers can
| use to create cell-phone applications for the company’s Android mobile
| platform. *


Google Android gets positive early reviews

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| While Google's Android announcement generated a lot of hype, developers had
| to wait a week to see whether the company had actually developed a good
| platform.


10 reasons why Google runs on Linux

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| # Cost - Linux is free. You don't need any sort of licence whatsoever to run
| Linux on your PC/Server. It makes financial sense that a company like Google
| can save millions by using Linux. *
| # Linux is worry free - Well, almost. At least you don't have to worry about
| loosing product keys.
| [...]