Galeon programmers seem to have improved
the bug ridden mess and it is indeed turning into a half decent

Kudos to their quick work in squashing the
"print this page" button bug in which the harried Galeon user would
click on a "print this page" button at a web site and Galeon would
shrivel and crash on the spot. NOT a graceful exit but one can always
restart it and be treated to that famous, "Galeon Seems to have
Crashed in a previous session" message, do you wish to try again or
DISCARD the previous session?

This next bug which I will publish here is, again, for the purpose of
reminding the Galeonistas
that newcomers are coming to Linux all the time and we want them to
have a good experience and NOT go back to that putrid,
stifling, inept and bug ridden monstrosity known as Microsoft (yuk!)

It seems, the other day, in Galeon, while pasting a fairly large
amount of text into an Gmail message I was composing, that the paste
went just fine
but was followed by a message box about
how a Script was "still" executing and would I like to click on the
"CONTINUE" button,
or "SKIP". You can imagine my chagrin as each time I tried to click
on EITHER "Continue" or "Skip" the message box returned with an
irritating persistence which indicated,
in the world of software, improper termination or failure to exit from
a loop.

Eventually, after several tries, Debian Linux thoughtfully provided me
the option of "force quit" and Galeon made its usual hasty and
embarassing exit. I tried the same operation with the same text in
Opera and it worked just fine, so this really is a Galeon problem.

I am, by the way, James Pannozzi, former software engineer and
developer for 30 years
and I kicked Uncle Bill off my desktop quite some time ago. From the
looks of Vista,
I'd say I made a prescient and well timed move.

With the coming of Ubuntu and other easy to set up Linux, 2008 will be
the year the desktops across the world start to kick out Microsoft, a
company whose arrogance and violation of laws regarding monopolistic
practices virtually ensures their slow but inevitable downfall in
addition to their operating systems being discredited,in my opinion,
from having any kind of reasonable security.