Flock: The browser that makes browsing obsolete

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| The way we use the internet is changing. As well as using the web to buy
| books, clothes and CDs, download music, auction junk on eBay, book a holiday,
| and find out what's going on in the world, we're increasingly using it to
| form networks and connections and share our thoughts and media with the rest
| of the world.



Flock 0.8 Is Looking Pretty Darn Good

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| Now that Firefox 2 is used as the backbone (instead of Firefox 1.5)
| new features like spell checking, anti-phishing, and session restore
| are all part of the browser. Flock is shaping up to be a great
| browser for anyone actively involved in social networks, and when
| the final release hits the Web I'm sure there will be a lot of
| people raving about it.


Flock 1.0 Coming Fall 2007

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| When Flock 0.9 launched it was a pretty big overhaul, and now their next big
| milestone is Flock 1.0 which currently has a vague release date of Fall 2007.
| Honestly this is the dream browser for any heavy social network user out
| there, and hopefully they’ll pursue more of the less tech savvy people who
| use MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube because I can guarantee that they would *
| absolutely love it. * *