Ubuntu — Beyond the Hype

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| Since a few years, Ubuntu has been grabbing headlines in the mainstream
| press, sometimes to the point where people are referring to Ubuntu where they
| mean Linux (or GNU/Linux as the case may be)...
| [...]
| Whenever it's stated/claimed/implied that Ubuntu is finally the one Linux to
| take the world, take over the desktop (entice Windows users to take the
| plunge), where other Linux distributions have failed, I can only say: ehmm,
| no, not as far as I can tell.


Huge review. Other distributions are just as good, according to this person

Ubuntu Weekly Report: 16th - 29th December - A Happy New Year to all Ubuntu



Ubuntu's Hype is Misleading (Real Test)

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| So the overall review of Ubuntu was the worst from new user point of view and
| PCLOS wins here. My users say that in their opinion, Ubuntu is overhyped and
| that it's not for the normal user. It is for those users who know Linux very
| well and have high end systems with at least 1 gig ram. *


Divining from the Entrails of Ubuntu's Gutsy Gibbon

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| According to the 2007 DesktopLinux.com survey, Ubuntu is the distribution of
| choice for 30% of GNU/Linux users. The exact figure is questionable, but
| Ubuntu's dominance is not. For an increasing number of people, Ubuntu is
| GNU/Linux. Yet, looking at the pre-releases of Gutsy Gibbon, Ubuntu 7.10, I
| found myself becoming disturbed by the degree to which this popularity has
| translated into uncritical acceptance.


Educating GNU/Linux users

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| More – if you know more than somebody, as Ubuntu’s developers obviously do,
| you have an obligation to give them the opportunity. To do otherwise is to
| dismiss the average person as willfully ignorant. Possibly, I’m naive, but
| I’m not quite ready to regard others that way.
| Anyway, which came first: operating systems like Windows that prevent people
| from learning about their computers, or users who were fixated on
| accomplishing specific tasks. If computer users are task-oriented, at least
| some of the time, the reason could be that they’re conditioned to be so.
| Perhaps they’ve learned from Windows that prying into the inner workings of
| their computer is awkward and difficult. We don’t really know how many users
| will want to learn more, given the opportunity.


JeOS - its marketing not a new concept

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| The concept of JeOS is nothing new. The neat and effective buzz word JeOS
| (pronounced "juice") was coined by VMware product manager Srinivas
| Krishnamurti on his blog back on July 9th.