Destroying the GPL from the inside

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| How do you destroy the GPL? Honestly I don't think it will be done, but there
| is a way. Simply put the GPL is a copyright license, which is it's strength
| and it's achillies heel. For years publishing companies, our friends at the
| RIAA and MPAA among others have pushed for longer and longer copyright terms
| so that they can reap the rewards from other people's work for a longer
| period of time. So why not turn things on their heads a bit? Actually, what
| I'm talking about has already been proposed.

Is the Tiered Internet upon us already?

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| Looking for music online can be a difficult process - here in Australia, the
| iTunes Music Store has a relatively limited selection, and a lot of the other
| offerings available here don't support my iPod. I've been experimenting with
| purchasing music from MP3 Sparks (which used to be AllOfMP3) and it's been a
| relatively straightforward and painless process, until recently when their
| download servers couldn't be contacted.


BitTorrent Admin Monitored by US Government, Forced to Dump Linux

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| Sk0t, an ex-administrator of the EliteTorrents BitTorrent tracker is to have
| his internet connection forcibly monitored by the US Government. If that
| wasn’t bad enough, the monitoring software is Windows based - which means he
| is being forced to ditch Linux - or face being barred from the internet. *

Senators want probe of Comcast's BitTorrent 'discrimination'

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| The senators suggested the incidents indicate "Congress should consider
| adopting targeted regulations to protect consumers and ensure a vibrant and
| open communications platform." *

Congressman to Comcast: Stop interfering with BitTorrent

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| While a class action lawsuit is definitely one way to get Comcast to behave,
| another perhaps more productive way to do so is to have politicians step in
| and regulate. *
| On Tuesday, I discussed the issue of Comcast's anti-BitTorrent "network
| management" with Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va., who is a strong supporter of
| consumer rights and has led the battle to undo the damage caused by the
| Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA. * *

Torrentspy Disables Searching For US IPs

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| Torrent indexing site appears to have disabled torrent
| searches for IPs that originate in the United States.

Mark Cuban to ISPs: block all P2P traffic; Ars to Cuban: um, no

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| Of course, there are many legitimate uses for P2P that Google Video can't
| replace, like distributing Linux ISOs. Furthermore, the notion that the only
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| people who benefit from P2P technology are the distributors is wrong. If I
| have the option of grabbing a download from a distant single server or from a
| torrent with hundreds of users, I'm going to opt for the torrent. Why? It's
| almost guaranteed to be faster, and let's face it: most BitTorrent software
| is quite adept at managing large downloads. Perhaps I want to throttle it
| while playing a game; perhaps I want to encrypt my transfers. If I'm
| distributing video or audio, perhaps I don't wish to be bound by the terms of
| Google Video.

Comcast reported to FCC

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| P2P throttling breaks FCC 'net neutrality' policy
| [...]
| Among the consumer groups who have approached the FCC are the Consumer
| Federation of America, the Consumers Union, the Media Access Project and
| professors at the Internet practices of the Yale, Harvard and Stanford law
| schools.

Consumer groups want Comcast fined for thwarting the Bible

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| A number of consumer groups are petitioning the FCC to fine Comcast $195,000
| for every customer affected by their BitTorrent-throttling practices. The FCC
| has said in the past that service providers can't "block" customers from
| using certain applications or websites, but it hasn't enforced that policy.