Portable development platform runs Linux

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| Future X Technology of Taiwan has announced a compact development platform
| based on Freescale Semiconductor's i.MX21 system-on-chip (SoC). Presently
| known only as the "Freescale i.MX21 3.5-inch TFT handheld," the device allows
| creation of portable devices that run Linux, according to the company.


Lot of Linux in Taiwan (examples below).


Taiwan PC makers considering Linux-based PCs

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| A number of Taiwan-based PC makers are evaluating the possibility tov
| enture into production of Linux-based PCs after Dell launched three
| Linux-based consumer PCs in the US this month, according to sources
| at Taiwan PC makers.


Commentary: Taiwan notebook players sound off on Linux

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| OEMs, on the other hand, noted it is less costly to produce
| Linux-based notebooks and demand at the lower end of the market
| is worth developing. And while the authorization fees for Windows
| entry-level education OS edition in undeveloped countries are
| around US$40, those for Linux OS are nearly free, the OEMs noted.
| Therefore, the OEMs say they are optimistic about the opportunities
| a shift to Linux-based notebooks presents.


Linux-based computer boasts router, switch

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| A Taiwanese embedded-computer vendor has announced a rugged, Linux-based
| computer equipped with a router and switch. The Korenix JetBox 9300 is based
| on an ARM9-based Atmel 180MHz RISC processor, and includes a five-port
| Ethernet router and a lightweight managed switch. *


MTube: 2.8" VGA pocketable Linux prototype

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| Mtube UltraMobileLife shares a pic of a new VIA-based handheld called the
| MTube. At this point, it's simply a prototype out of Taiwan's Science and
| Technology Advisory Group, but it shows where ultraportables could be headed
| in the future. The MTube offers a 2.8-inch VGA touchscreen and runs on Linux
| with a 1 GHz VIA CPU under the hood.



Linux powers dual-mode multimedia smartphone

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| Taiwan-based phone designer and manufacturer Accton Technology Corp.
| is marketing a Linux-based dual-mode phone design said to support
| both quad-band GSM and 802.11b/g networks. The VM3228T offers rich
| multimedia capabilities, and features seamless cellular/WiFi
| switch-over based on 3GPP standards, according to the company.


Linux-powered e-paper e-book offers 60 books per charge

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| Taiwan-based e-book specialist eRead is shipping a Linux-based
| electronic book reader featuring an electrophoretic (aka electronic
| paper) display (EPD).


Q&A: Linux hot, standards not with China, Taiwan

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| Earlier this year, members of Chinese and Taiwanese IT associations
| announced broad plans to work together to jointly develop and promote
| Linux as well as home-grown standards for certain IT components.


Embedded computer module aims Linux at industrial apps

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| Taiwanese industrial computing specialist Artila Electronics
| is shipping a processor module pre-loaded with a Linux 2.6
| kernel and filesystem.