The Mozilla / Firefox IPO

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| Go ahead and call us retro: We still think Mozilla should buy the Netscape
| brand and site from Time Warner and rename the company Netscape (and the
| browser Netscape Firefox). But even if the company sticks with "Mozilla,"
| we're looking forward to the IPO.

That guy is bashed over this (and he's embargoed, apparently, for some sort of
violation in his past).

Between the Lines: Should Mozilla Go Public? In a Word: No.

Firefox is 100% Organic Software

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| Our focus is to reach out to the general consumer that tends to be
| environmentally conscious, political aware, and interested in social causes —
| consumers that are web-savvy, but unaware of the technical or social benefits
| of open source and open web standards. In order to reach these folks, we are
| going to run these contextual display and text ads on a number of political,
| environmental, social, and consumer websites where these consumers hang out.

More on OSS:

Business Readiness Rating for Open Source

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| Evaluating software is a critical task for corporate IT managers, but
| potential users of open source software lack an easy, effective, and
| trustworthy process for decision making. There is no widely used model for
| evaluation.

And on really Free software:

Free as in Freedom

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| Joomla! is free software. Anyone can use it, modify it, add to it, study it,
| extend it, or patch it. Anyone can share or sell what they have done with
| Joomla! so long as what they distribute is also free in these same ways.