Linux Time Machine Alternative Reviewed

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| Going Back With Flyback. A needed GUI alternative to rsnapshot, Flyback
| provides much of the same functionality, but does so with a nice GUI wrapper
| to make the entire process more user-friendly. The UI appears to be GTK-based
| and overall, it's impressive. Just about everything you want from rsnapshot
| is here for the common man to make the most of it with.

Sleepy Linux

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| Current Linux versions can enter suspend-to-RAM just fine, but only can do it
| on explicit request. But suspend-to-RAM is important, eating something like
| 10% of [the] power needed [compared to an] idle system.


Testing Suspend and Hibernation

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| "The following patches add a new testing facility for suspend and
| hibernation," noted Rafael J. Wysocki. He continued, "the first patch adds
| the possibility to test the suspend (STD) core code without actually
| suspending, which is useful for tracking problems with drivers etc. The
| second one modifies the hibernation core so that it can use the same facility *
| (it's a bit more powerful than the existing hibernation test modes, since
| they really can't test the ACPI global methods)." * *

Linux: Rethinking Suspend and Resume

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| What started as the review of a bug report grew into an interesting
| debate as Linus Torvalds slammed the current suspend and resume design
| in the Linux Kernel...

Linux: Kexec Hibernation Performance

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| Following up to the latest round of kexec-based hibernation patches posted to
| the Linux Kernel mailing list it was asked how performance would compare to
| other hibernation solutions. *

FlyBack - Apple's Time Machine for Linux

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| Apple's Time Machine is a great feature in their OS, and Linux has almost all
| of the required technology already built in to recreate it. This is a simple
| GUI to make it easy to use. *

[Linux Gets] Shadow Directories

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| Jaroslav Sykora posted a series of five patches to handle the kernel portion
| of what he described as "shadow directories", providing an example which
| utilized FUSE to access the contents of a compressed file from the command
| line.