Wi-Fi Startup to Pick Up Where Google Left Off in SF

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| An earlier attempt by Google and EarthLink to offer free city-wide Wi-Fi
| access in San Francisco foundered in August when EarthLink pulled out. They
| had planned a two-tier service, with faster, paid access provided by
| EarthLink and a more limited, advertising-funded service to be offered by
| Google. The search engine giant is also an investor in Meraki.


Only Windows admins would not change the default password....

A Wi-Fi virus outbreak? Researchers say it's possible

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| The researchers theorize that attack would work by guessing administrative
| passwords and then instructing the routers to install new worm-like firmware
| which would in turn cause the infected router to attack other devices in its
| range.


Very funny:


Microsoft entered the Wi-fi business as well Microsoft too has been entering
business outside software and computing (just like Google) for diversification
and greater control. Examples below.


China's Changhong seeks $136 mln stake in Huayi

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| Sichuan Changhong Electric Co, a Chinese electrical appliance maker partly
| owned by Microsoft Corp, said it will bid for a controlling stake in Huayi
| Compressor Co 000404.SZ in a deal that could be worth about 1 billion yuan
| ($136 million). *



Microsoft to join municipal Wi-Fi fray

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| Microsoft is jumping into the municipal wireless space with a deal
| to provide local content and ads for MetroFi's free wireless
| Internet service in Portland, Ore., by the end of this year,
| the companies are expected to announce on Wednesday.


Microsoft Looks Within to Design and Test Chips

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| For more than two decades, Microsoft's software and
| Intel's processors were so wedded that the pairingc
| ame to be known as Wintel. But as that computing era
| wanes, Microsoft is turning to a new source of chip
| design: its own labs.


The importance of Zune to Microsoft Corp.

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| Zune is Microsoft's attempt to integrate hardware and software *and*
| to become the channel for (music) content -- thus creating an integratedp
| lay far-different from its Window's OS business model where Microsoft
| mainly provides OS & important application software while hardware an
| content for users is provided by other companies.


How will Windows survive the death of the PC?

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| For Microsoft, the answer is critical, since Windows is still not a
| natural fit for a mobile platform that has no PC heritage.


Gates to generate your electricity

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| His personal investment vehicle -- a nice drive if you can afford
| it -- Cascade Investments is today expected to partner with New
| Mexico-based PNM Resources on electricity generation and trading.


Microsoft takes it to the bank

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| Is the world ready for Microsoft Banking? Banks are traditionally
| very conservative with their software and hardware choices, and
| most still rely on expensive mainframes with multiple levels of
| failure protection. However, banks are also making a huge push
| to expand into other services, such as investment planning, and
| all these new services require new software. If they are
| successful, Microsoft will be laughing all the way to the, er, bank.


Microsoft Refuses To Acknowledge Major Wireless Headset Flaws

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| Weeks after the release of the new Wireless 360 headset, many
| customers have complained about hundreds upon hundreds of documented
| flaws with no official response or product recall from MS.