QNAP Debuts the World's First Innovative Linux-Embedded NVR Surveillance System
for Real-Time Video Monitoring, Recording and Remote Management of Multiple
Network IP Cameras via Internet Browser

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| According to Mr. Jacky Cheng, Product Manager from QNAP, "VioStor is the
| first world's first NVR system to adopt RISC CPU and embedded Linux
| architecture to enhance system stability and reliability.



Linux powers "world's first" GPON/GE-PON SoCs

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| Conexant claims to be sampling the "world's first" system-on-chip
| (SoC) processors for "GPON/GE-PON residential gateways"
| (gigabit/gigabit Ethernet passive optical networking). The
| "Xenon-IIIG" GPON and "Xenon-IIIE" GE-PON chips come with
| Linux, and support both FTTH and FTTN (fiber-to-the-home/node
| *applications, Conexant said.


The World's First Mobile Linux Development Kit (MKit) is now available

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| Unicon Systems, a Linux handheld software and hardware technology
| developer from Menlo Park, California, will start shipping its Mobile
| Linux Development Kit (MKitTM) this week.


Claimed-first Core Duo AMC runs Linux

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| Mercury Computer Systems is sampling what it claims to be
| the first AMC (advanced mezzanine card) based on Intel's
| Core Duo processor. Mercury also says its AXA-100, which
| is available with Linux, "doubles the compute resource
| available in an AMC form factor."