Red Hat CEO Targets Oracle, Microsoft

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| Red Hat Inc. CEO Jim Whitehurst said Friday -- his fourth day on the job --
| that he's angling for a showdown with two tech titans in what he describes as
| a struggle to protect information sharing in software development.

Who will be the next Open Source Public Enemy #1?

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| SCO's many lawsuits, both real and threatened, forced the open source
| community to reconsider, at the most basic level, how we license open source.
| SCO didn't gain much from the suit, at least not in the long term (its OTC
| stock trades between a nickel and a dime per share this week), but its
| actions did force the open source industry to get more serious (some might
| argue more professional) about delineating who has the rights to what.


Red Hat Pits Itself Against VMware

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| Red Hat’s new goal is to underpin 50% of the world’s servers by 2015.
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| And since virtualization is projected to take over the world by then that’s a
| lot of Xen virtualization – and there’s no extra cost in it like there is
| with VMware since it’s bundled with RHEL. (Red Hat’s telling people they’ll
| save $20,000-$30,000 a server.)