UNIX Everywhere in the House

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| I just found out that my DVD/HDD recorder is probably a UNIX box. No way of
| finding out for sure as there is no network connection but it seems so. It’s
| a Pansonic I believe. Toshiba makes a more geeked out version that I might
| buy at a future date with full networking and even file transfers to other
| network connected computers. I guess it’ll depend on whether I’ll watch that
| much TV on the commuter train or not.



Are you all set for HDTV? Mysteries of set-top boxes

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| As I noted here a couple of weeks ago, current top-of-the-line offerings from
| cable and satellite providers are really computers, with an operating system
| (usually Linux), built-in programming, plus hard drives and memory and
| networking. *


Linux is de facto OS for TV set-top boxes

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| "The major chipset manufacturers are introducing new Linux platforms
| almost monthly," said Ken Helps, managing director of Ocean Blue Software.
| The attraction is that the Linux operating system will support
| advanced functions without requiring a license fee.