On Jan 4, 1:17 am, Sam Wormley wrote:
> Connectivity, Mobile Phones Will Dominate Navigation
> http://lbs.gpsworld.com/gpslbs/conte....jsp?id=481835
> Jan 3, 2008
> GPS World
> The worldwide portable navigation market will grow from 50 million
> units last year to more than 500 million in 2015, as the market
> becomes dominated by mobile phone makers like Nokia, Motorola, LG and
> Samsung, market researcher Telematics Research Group (TRG) said
> today.
> The eventual change in market leadership from the likes of Garmin and
> TomTom will derive from the increasing importance of connectivity,
> the market research firm suggests. Wireless connectivity, either to
> the Internet or a cellular network, is opening up new applications
> and services by bringing together accurate location-based data with
> advanced points-of-interest (POI) data including pricing, inventory
> and user-generated content such as ratings of local businesses, the
> firm says.
> TRG estimates the market sold 30 million dedicated PNDs last year and
> about 20 million navigation-enabled mobile phones for a total of 50
> million units. Both segments will grow rapidly over the next few
> years, but navigation-enabled mobile phones will start outselling
> dedicated PNDs by next year, the firm predicts. It further projects
> the combined segments will reach total annual sales of more than 220
> million units by the end of 2012 and are likely to surpass 500M units
> by the end of 2015.
> See:http://lbs.gpsworld.com/gpslbs/conte....jsp?id=481835

This is quite an interesting prediction coming -as most predictions-
from little more than a crystal ball.

It certainly stands to reason that the Nokias and Motorolas of the
world will be able -or at least try- to use their dominant market
position in one market (celular communications) to muscle their way
into another market (GPS location and guidance).

Last time I checked, the above was illegal in most countries, as
Microsoft and Neely Kroes can attest.

The one issue missing from this organization's (TRG) oracle is the
Open Handset Alliance:


and its Android project:


If such project succeeds, the playing field will be level, and Garmin
et al. will have a chance to survive to the attack of the
oligopolistic cell device manufacturers.