Franklin and Open Source

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| One of America's most famous scientists and statesmen was also astute enough
| to understand the value of the free flow of ideas. Although an inventor of no
| small acclaim, his inventions for the most part were freely shared for the
| benefits of society, yet he still made his way in life richly and was both
| socially and financially successful.

From Denmark:

The commons, the state and transformative politics

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| Here, free and open software is not just an inspirational metaphor but also a
| material tool for facilitating this kind of collaboration between individual
| users and public sector workers, shifting the balance of power from
| centralised public service management towards the user and the skilled
| service provider. It is also a tool for shifting co-ordination between
| different parts of a public service, moving us from a hierarchical to a
| co-operative model. This in turn will allow for greater autonomy in the local
| provision of local services under active local control while at the same time
| collaborating and co-ordinating across a wider territory.


Cyberpunk icon proposes open source political party

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| This week, Sirius proposed the establishment of a new open-source political
| party that aims to give a voice to disenfranchised voters.