Review: Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 Web browser

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| The first beta release of the much-anticipated Firefox 3 Web browser offers
| some nice enhancements over the previous version, such as additional security
| and new tools for storing and accessing bookmarks and browsing history, but
| it doesn't differ much from Firefox 2 in looks or functionality.

The Pragmatic Penguin: A Response to Kevin Anderson's Ubuntu Review

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| It is a common mistake to confuse 'commercial' with 'proprietary'. There's
| plenty of commercial open source software out there. Using the right word at
| the right time can be tricky and does take some practice. Still, he did
| acknowledge supporting open source projects - and he makes a valid point
| about some of the software for the Linux platform.

Journalists use Linux after 15 years with Windows and they just don't get it.
They have a Microsoft mindset.


Adverjournalism: The Role of Ad Dollars In Journalism

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| It should come as no surprise that just about every gaming forum on the
| internet is ablaze right now following the news of GameSpot’s termination of
| long-time editor, Jeff Gerstmann. This article, however, is not an exposé or
| look into what really happened at GameSpot this week. Rather, consider this a
| look at the direction of gaming journalism, advertising, and how this all
| plays a role in the content you read. * *

People Who’ve Never Run Linux Shouldn’t Write About Linux

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| Somehow, even though people get the idea that specialized fields require some
| experience in that field before you can say anything intelligent about it...