Linux-based system speeds bolt inspection

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| Capable of interfacing with up to four FireWire cameras, the Vicosys 2300
| features a 1-GHz Celeron-based processor running Linux 2.4. After images are
| captured into the embedded computer, they are processed to determine specific
| image features.


Pull in HDTV with Linux and the HD-5500

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| I've spent the past few years using an ATI TV Wonder analog video
| capture card running under Linux. Although this card has served me
| well, times and technology have been a'changin'. That's why I
| recently purchased a pcHDTV HD-5500 to see if HDTV was all it was
| hyped up to be. I can report that HDTV under Linux is not only
| possible, it's fantastic.
| [...]
| "Linux support for the HD-5500 could not be better. The card is
| manufactured with the sole purpose of being used with Linux.
| There are no Windows or Mac OS X drivers available."