The Haven for Linux

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| VietNamNet Bridge – It is the less-known name in the local information
| technology industry, but Linux is poised to become the most-used solution for
| the IT community, given the blessing from authorities.

Excellent! Tipping point.

Quote for the day:

"Don’t encourage new, cross-platform Java classes, especially don’t help get
great Win 32 implementations written/deployed. [...] Do encourage
fragmentation of the Java classlib space."

--Ben Slivka, Microsoft


Vietnam Chooses Open Source to Offset Piracy

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| A ministry official refused to comment on whether the move was made as a
| means of reducing software infringement in Vietnam or stimulating demand for
| research.

Hacao Classmate PC lands in Vietnam

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| With a 7” screen, its own version of Linux, 1GB of flash storage, a 900MHz
| processor and 256MB of RAM it has landed in Vietnam for the low, low price of
| $250, if you are a student. The screen has an 800×480 resolution and the
| system has a 400MHz bus, I also left out the 802.11b/g WiFi that is stuffed
| in there somewhere. * *

Ministry encourages open source software

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| The Ministry of Information and Communications has recommended state agencies
| use four open source software products - Open Office, Thunderbird, Firefox
| and Unikey. *

Hacao Classmate PC avaiable ! [and Vietnam grows on]

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| Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
| Hot news from Vietnam here...

Students using PCLinuxOS in Vietnam

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| Finally, I decided to test PCLinuxOS with my students. Wow, amazing. Finally
| a Linux distro that the majority of my students actually liked using. It ran
| faster than any of the other Linux distros they tried and easily connected to
| the internet from inside the school (they like to read Yahoo 360 blogs in
| class). They figured out how to use Konquerer to browse around the different
| directories in their laptops without me even telling them. As with Macbooks,
| the Desktop GUI was easy to learn. Thus, I decided to use PCLinuxOS. * * *

Intel's OLPC-killer heads for Vietnamese retailers

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| The "Hacao Classmate PC" is based on Intel's Classmate PC design, and will
| come pre-installed with Hacao Linux, a Vietnamese-language Linux distribution
| based on Puppy Linux. *
`---- * * *^^^^^^^^^^^

Vietsoftware join forces with Asianux

Hacao Linux 2.16 Professional released

Sun shares its technology with Vietnam's open source community

State [Vietnam] promotes use of shareware

Vietnam gives priority to open source software

Open-source software offers affordable option