According to New Report the Market for Linux Products and Services Will Grow
from $2.4 Billion in 2007 to $7.7 Billion in 2012

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| Linux service revenues will grow faster than Linux software revenues.
| Services will grow from 77% to 81% of the total Linux market between 2007 and
| 2012, as Linux use becomes more complex. The server market is the main
| segment of the overall Linux market. This segment accounts for 83% of the
| market in 2007. However, by 2012, Linux's importance as a client OS will have
| grown and, as a result, server-based use of Linux software and services will
| reduce to 81% of the overall market.


Red Hat gets all charged up in Asia

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| The trend we're seeing is toward having different desktops for different
| users. Linux's flexibility means that we see it on a variety of devices like
| thin clients or the OLPC, for example. I'm expecting widespread deployment of
| Linux on the desktop fairly soon. *

Red Hat Preps Desktop Blitz, Regional Events

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| The VAR Guy hears. After focusing mainly on x86 servers in recent years, Red
| Hat will move both downstream and upstream while rallying partners at
| regional events later this year. *