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>I'm after some Content Management software to run a small business web
>site. I've been trying to find something that suits for a couple of
>weeks now and after trying several I'm really no further forwards.
>So far I have installed and had a play with:-
> CMSMadeSimple
> Drupal
> Exponent
> ezPublish
> Joomla
>... and probably a couple of others I have forgotten about! :-)
>The major problem I have with most of them is that they seem to be
>aimed at sites with lots of active content, blogs, news, etc.
>Does anyone have any suggestions for CMS software that isn't so
>overpowering (or at least isn't so overpowering to use to start with)
>and preferably has a collection of simple templates and stylesheets
>for a simple, fairly static, web site?
>Are there any newsgroups or mailing lists for general CMS questions
>and answers where I might get some more help?

I am using WebSite Baker (http://websitebaker.org/) for a few sites.

I don't have a lot of experience with CMS packages but this one was
recommended to me. It seems to be very general purpose, the forum is
very active and helpful and it is very "hackable" under the hood.

The more I use it the more comfortable I get and satisfied with it.
It is also Open Source and I find that a big plus.

Hopefully others will have some helpful comments for you.

Good luck!
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