I am running my final tests on a combination of OpenLDAP,
Samba PDC, Windows, linux, and various other unix boxes. I
have LDAP populated with data for my company, I can manage
LDAP, use it for ssh and other linux logins by modifying
/etc/pam.d/sshd, I can authenticate from a windows box and
log into that windows box getting my normal desktop, etc.
I can also change my password on the windows box and see
that password propagated to LDAP for other authentication
needs including logging into linux with the new password.
I'm having problems changing my password on linux, though.
As a normal user (I've not tried root, that account will
be local to each box) I use 'passwd' and get an error:

$ passwd
Changing password for user mikee.
passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

Any guesses what I need to change to make the changing
passwords on linux work back into ldap?


Red Hat Fedora Core 5
OpenLDAP 2.3.19