I am using Suse 10 which came with kernel version 2.6.13-15. I had to
download the source for version 2.6.18, because my TV tuner card does not
work correctly on the 2.6.13-15 version supplied by suse.

Since building the new kernel, I have had two problems:
Firstly, during boot I get the following errors:

TIOCGDEV not recognised by the kernel

Starting HAL daemon: exit status of parent of /usr/sbin/hald: 1

Is it possible that the missing TIOCGDEV is what is causing the HAL daemon
to fail? If not then what else might cause the HAL daemon to fail?

Searching on the internet taught me that TIOCGDEV is a piece of code which
suse add to their customised kernel sources, but I could not find a way to
add this to a vanilla kernel source. Is it possible?

Secondly, I cannot get my USB digital camera or USB memory stick to work. Is
this related to the HAL daemon problem?