Captain Compassion wrote:
> Now all those peasants in mud huts can jack into the net with Lunix.

Let me guess another racist retarded pig. You may want to read my reply
to your brethren Taylor.

Hey, pig if you think you are so smart why don't you try matching your
math skills with a middle class high school student from one of these
"three computer" countries. Now if you think that has nothing to
do with computer science, you may want to read Disktra and Knuth's
essays on why computer science is essential constructive mathematics.

I think I can see why you despise them. No! No! I must correct myself
you don't despise them, you fear them. And you fear the day when they
will be rich enough to afford computers and the time to spend on
open source development. You fear the time when the truth about just
how smart you are will be known to all.