Can anybody show me how to make an automated newsgroup poster on linux that
will post an FAQ to a particular newsgroup, say bi-weekly like Michael
Heiming does with his newbie post, in alt.os.linux please? I think that I
could use cron to run a script twice a week to post a text message but how
does one go about it?

I posted to alt.os.linux to ask Michel's directly but he must be on
vacation or something, I did not get an answer, here is my request:
Hey Michel's,

I love your automated bi-weekly post for newbies, as well as your newsgroup
stats. I would like to set up something like this for another newsgroup and
run it from my Linux machine (Fedora Core 3). Would you be so kind as to
share the particulars of how this is done? Do you do this as a cron job,
are there scripts for this, how does one automate a post to Usenet like

The stats counter/poster is also quite neat, would you share the
particulars of that as well? I would not mind if you feel that your stat
generator is something that you would rather keep private, really, the
automated newbie post maker would be good enough, but if you don't mind,
could you share how you generate the stats as well?
If anyone could point me in the right direction or has a neat script that
would do something like this, could you help please? Thanks.
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