Open source in '08: Break-outs and consolidation

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| There is an inevitable flow of events in which software companies will either
| get on the path or be left behind. If you start a software company today that
| is not SaaS or open source you are betting that the market will somehow
| revert to 1999. And I think we all remember what happened in 2001 here in the
| valley.
| Two years after founding this company I believe more than ever that open
| source is a question of when, not if.

Selecting an Open Source Content Management Solution

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| In the end, using Drupal for the SportsClub LA implementation proved to be a
| great experience, one that could be considered for other similarly sized
| projects. For more complex projects, Drupal might not fare as well, but due
| to its strong developer community and ever-growing market momentum it keeps
| getting consistently better and may prove itself to be of useful there as
| well.


European spend on open source software hits 22bn Euros

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| Rishab Ghosh, a senior researcher at the UN University in Maastricht,
| will tell the Open Ireland conference in Dublin that the spend in the
| US on free/libre or open source software (FLOSS) stands at 36bn
| Euros and accounts for 20pc of software spend in the US.