Tech's Head In Clouds, Among Other Trends

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| Next year, Google is expected to launch a service that lets users easily
| store and share documents online. And Microsoft plans to add its own twist to
| the concept with Office Live Workspace. An add-on to Microsoft's
| (NasdaqGS:MSFT - News) Office applications will make saving to the Web as
| easy as saving to your hard drive.

It seems like Microsoft 'innovates' KIO (KDE like 5 years ago), but it calls it
Live Workspace and it won't be ready until next year. People can save files
over the network/Internet (plus other useless things like Clippy). 'Wow'!

Microsoft still fails to evolve. Also new:

Sector Snap: Internet

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| Google continued to take market share from rivals Yahoo, Microsoft Corp. and
| AOL, according to comScore.

Is Yahoo! Being Prepped for a Sale?

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| I think that Microsoft invests a lot in and and has many
| shining stars there, but Yahoo!’s management would have been more vocal and
| in the limelight… which would have made things tricky in a merger because
| despite Yahoo!’s superior pedigree online, the fact would be that MSFT would
| be buying Yahoo! and as such, MSFT’s upper management would have to come out
| on top in the union.


Yahoo rejects Microsoft search offer

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| Yahoo CEO Terry Semel has revealed he recently rebuffed Microsoft's
| attempt to bag a stake in the company.
| Although the Yahoo boss didn't confirm what form the speculated
| overtures took, he slapped down the idea Yahoo would be willing to
| let Microsoft take a stake in the company.
| According to a report in the Financial Times, Semel said: "Microsoft
| taking over Yahoo--that conversation has never come up."
| He added: "(We discussed) search, and Microsoft co-owning some of our
| search. I will not sell a piece of search--it is like selling your
| right arm while keeping your left; it does not make any sense."