Dual-boot Windows and Linux, step 1: Get Ubuntu

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| This is the year I kiss Windows good-bye. Well, maybe not entirely, but the
| writing is on the wall for Microsoft's flagship operating system, and all
| other desktop bloatware: The future of PC software is open source.


Desktop tipping point. Chairs breaking.


"Mommy, it's broken." 2 weeks with Vista

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| After 5 years of development, Vista still isn't ready for prime time.
| It's like taking a car without an engine and putting a new coat of
| paint on it. Sure it looks pretty, but it still doesn't work. I would
| wait at least 6 months if not a year to invest in Vista. In fact I
| personally will be putting XP on my laptop because Vista crashes too
| much for me to use everyday.
| This review doesn't take into account the DRM and anti-piracy
| issues that have been brought up by Vista. Without taking those
| into account I still wouldn't buy Vista.


Windows Vista running with no RAM!

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| But as you can see from the screenshot above, Vista can function with zero
| RAM. I know, it does sound illogical, but then again… And no, it is not an
| example of my Photoshop skills at work, it is a genuine screenshot from
| Vista. Â*