My new years resolution is to cut all dependency on Microsoft products starting
with windows.

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| I encourage you all to follow my example and if you could post you resolution
| here in agreement with me for all to see through out the next year.

Old PCs reborn, with Linux.

Resurecting an old PC

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| An install of something lighter and more secure is needed to put the machine
| back in service. The machine is a Dell Dimension L667R. It is only a 666 MHz
| machine with 128 MB, so even running a Linux distribution like a standard
| version of Ubuntu is going to be a stretch. I am settling on Xubuntu which
| sports the Xfce desktop. Since I am pushing memory requirements, I will give
| the alternate CD a try. If it works, I may even lay a little down to upgrade
| the memory, yay!

Windows was a pig hungry enough to spur purchases of PCs that will run Linux
for many years to come (maybe even KDE 4.0).


The Year Of The Small Distro

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| 2007 may well be the year of the small distro.

Stop! Don't trash those old PCs

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| Interestingly enough, there is another operating system that most people are
| not familiar with called Linux. Linux (and its earlier version UNIX) have
| been around for a long time helping us place phones calls and providing
| access to the Internet. Linux, up until this point, has been mostly behind
| the scenes just doing its job and doing it well. You can get started with
| Linux at * *