Under $1,000 Laptops Perform Better With Linux, Not Vista

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| There is good news and a bad news for everyone who is looking for better
| laptop options. The good news is that you can get a good, solid laptop for
| under $1,000 these days. The bad news for ‘Vista’ users is that majority of
| these cheap laptops coming with ‘Vista’ do not have sufficient resource base
| to run ‘Vista’ decently.
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| Dell and few other small companies, like Asus with its tiny Eee PC 4G UMPC
| are also selling Linux-powered laptops. Vendors make even more upfront profit
| per unit for these sales.
| Steven J. Vaughan makes further analysis and say,” that under-$500 Toshiba
| laptop with Home Basic? With 512MB of RAM and embedded Intel graphics, even
| the already mediocre Home Basic is still going to suck dead snakes through
| rusty tailpipes. Stick any Linux distribution on it; say ‘Fedora 8, gOS 1.02
| or OpenSUSE 10.3’, and you’ve got a really useful laptop”.
| Steven J.Vaughan says, “Do the math. Vista doesn’t work for today’s laptop
| market. XP and Linux do. It’s really that simple”.



Excerpts: Latest filings in 'Vista Capable' lawsuit

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| The lawsuit over Microsoft's "Windows Vista Capable" marketing program has
| reached a key juncture. Lawyers for the plaintiffs have formally requested
| class-action status for the case, seeking to open it up to many more people,
| and Microsoft last week filed its official opposition to that request. The
| filings contain some interesting tidbits on both sides. * *


Judge Says 'Windows Vista Capable' Lawsuit Can Proceed

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| A federal judge has ruled that two consumers can proceed with a lawsuit that
| claims Microsoft's "Windows Vista Capable" campaign was misleading.


Linux is about to take over the low end of PCs

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| Opinion -- Sometimes, several unrelated changes come to a head at the same
| time, with a result no one could have predicted. The PC market is at such a
| tipping point right now and the result will be millions of Linux-powered PCs
| in users' hands. *
| [...]
| Microsoft will fight this trend tooth and nail. It will cut prices to the
| point where it'll be bleeding ink on some of its product lines. And Windows
| XP is going to stick around much longer than Microsoft ever wanted it to.
| Still, it won't be enough. By attacking from the bottom, where Microsoft can
| no longer successfully compete, Linux will finally cut itself a large slice
| of the desktop market pie. * * *


Where does Linux go from here?

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| Linux and free software are here to stay. No single commercial firm will ever
| control the Linux ecosystem like Microsoft has the rest of the software
| industry. Though both may prosper, the bazaar will outlive the boardrooms,
| and Linux popularity will continue to grow on servers, desktops, appliances,
| and embedded devices. * *


This time for sure on mobile Linux

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| The Wal-Mart Linux PC, priced at $198, is sold out. Zonbu seems to be gaining
| traction, with a notebook priced at $279.
| “You’re seeing incredibly improved device drivers. We’ve got hundreds now.
| This is a phenomenal effort that plays to the strength of Linux, a volunteer
| community representing millions of dollars in free development. *
| “You’re seeing more manufacturers shipping Linux desktops, PCs and laptops
| but also mobile Internet devices from Acer, Motorola’s Razr, TiVo…there’s a
| slew of new devices coming out.” *