Musix 1.0r3 Test 4

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| Along side Ubuntu Studio and other multimedia-oriented distributions, Musix
| is a Debian-based distribution led by Argentinian developers that is
| currently at version 1.0.

[FreeBSD] 6.3-RC2 Available

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| The 6.3-RC2 builds for amd64 and i386 should now be available on the
| majority of the FreeBSD mirror sites. I just finished loading the
| sparc64 build so that will take a little while to propagate to the
| mirrors. This is the last planned RC for 6.3. Unless a major
| show-stopper problem is found the release of 6.3 should happen in about
| two weeks.


Catching Up With JOST

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| JOST 0.2.3 is cool. It allows sequential chaining of plugins,
| includes session save/recall, and performs beautifully with
| JACK. But just as I was getting used to its design, Lucio
| decided to rework some of JOST's basic features. This new
| design has resulted in a concurrent beta version of JOST
| (0.3.0) that adds some great new features to this
| already neat software.

Attack of the Pod Penguins 7: Encoding with lame

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| Tune your spoken-word podcast for quick download, or your music
| podcast for a high-quality listening experience. We survey
| your MP3 options.

Something's Happening Here [Linux Audio]

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| Many cool things are happening in the Linux audio world, I have a lot
| of profiles and reviews in the works, so stay tuned and check in again
| soon.

2.0 released for OS X and Linux

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| Nearly 2 years of work have gone into this new version. Along the way a
| huge number of bugs were fixed, performance and workflow were improved,
| and many new features were added.

Ubuntu Studio & Ardour2 Screenshots

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| The first screenshot is a clean view of the Ubuntu Studio desktop. It's
| hard to see (as this 1600×1200 desktop shot has been resized) but the
| custom theme they have created is simply awe inspiring...

Enhancing second language acquisition with Audacity

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| As a language educator, I recommend Audacity for teachers,
| students, and researchers. It provides a number of great tools for
| analysis, content creation, and learning.

A Good Beginning (And Some Holiday DSP)

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| I hope you've enjoyed this random blend of news and reviews. My next
| entry will profile the Aldrin music composition software and will
| include an interview with its author, Leonard 'paniq' Ritter. Until
| then, stay tuned, keep swinging, and I hope you all enjoy a fine
| and mellow holiday season.

Review of dyne:bolic 2.4.2

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| Conclusion
| Man, I wish I had this 10 years ago when I was recording and
| playing music full time. This is a great system packed with
| very handy software that can easily cost you several thousand
| dollars of outboard gear to replace.

I'm JADed! [JackLab Audio Distribution, Linux]

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| So has my quest ended ? Well, despite the sidetrips taken during
| the post-installation configuration I'm very impressed with JAD,
| and I'll leave it as the default system for the old box. I'm
| building a more powerful 32-bit machine now, and I intend to
| load it with the JAD distro. Given its excellent performance
| on my ancient iron, I look forward to its performance on a more
| suitable machine.

Getting My Kicks On Route 64

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| More users are jumping on the 64-bit bandwagon, and the 64Studio
| developers are doing their best to make the ride as smooth as possible.
| Bumps may occur, and users experiencing problems with the system can
| reach Daniel and Free via the active 64Studio mail-list. If you own a
| 64-bit (AMD or Intel) machine and want to know how it handles
| contemporary Linux sound and music software, check out 64Studio,
| it's Da 64-bit Bomb.

Linux Audio Players, Tested and Graded

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| KDE users have it easy: Amarok is slick enough to crow about in a
| room full of iTunes or Windows Media Player users.