Rediscovering my photos

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| Two versions available: Picasa 2.2 for Linux or Picasa 2.7 beta. Since the
| beta version includes more features, including the ability to upload photos
| to a Web album, that’s the one I chose. Ubuntu users can download the Debian
| version, which installs easily and puts a handy shortcut in the Graphics
| section of the Applications menu.
| After starting up, Picasa offered to scan my machine for images. It did this
| fairly quickly, working in the background. Going through my 120GB hard disk
| and an 80GB external drive that I had mounted, it indexed thousands of images
| in 320 folders. A glitch caused some folders to be displayed more than once,
| but this wasn’t a major problem. I just removed the redundant folders.


Picasa 2.7 for Linux

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| Google has a preview release of Picasa 2.7 for Linux. The previous version
| launched last year didn't include the features from Picasa 2.5+ for Windows
| (like the Picasa Web integration), so this is a good opportunity to add these
| features to Linux. *

The Ultimate Wallet-Sized Photograph

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| EmTrace has created the Widget One, a wallet-sized device that will gladly
| show photos and do all sorts of Linux-powered goodness.