ET: Quake Wars v1.4 For Linux This Week

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| In addition to pushing out new Linux client and server builds, the Enemy
| Territory: Quake Wars Linux demo will also be updated against the v1.4
| release. If everything goes according to plan, id Software should be
| releasing these updates later this week. At Phoronix we'll be delivering
| quad-core benchmarks of the Quake Wars threaded renderer once this release is
| out. We have been testing a closed beta of ET:QW v1.4 for Linux with positive
| results thus far.

Beyond The Red Line - Demo Release!

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| Beyond the Red Line is a stand-alone total conversion for Freespace 2. It is
| based on the popular new tv-show Battlestar Galactica. The Demo allows
| players to play a tutorial, two single player missions and multiplayer. The
| Demo is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

No games on Linux? No, just a Microsoft-made myth (Big Lie).


Top Ubuntu Linux Games

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| If you’ve switched to Ubuntu (as I have) or any other Linux distribution, you
| may consider the following free (and in most cases open-source) games, as
| they’ve been favorites of mine for some time now. *

Games shared from PC to PS3 over the Web?

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| "We will release a Linux version in Q4 2007 which will enable PC games to be
| played on the PlayStation 3 and many other devices including DVD players, set
| top boxes, networked media devices and mobile phones," he said. *

UT3 Linux: It Will Ship When It's Ready

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| While Unreal Tournament 3 will ship on November 19 for Windows gamers, and we
| previously confirmed that the Linux binary will not ship on the DVD, *